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About the Ottawa Dental Clinic

When we opened our dental clinic in Ottawa in the summer of 2020, Our Ottawa dentist wanted to bring something new to the community we serve.

We built a dental practice designed to cater to the unique needs of the college beside us, the families in the surrounding neighbourhoods, and the businesses in our community. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive dental care that will meet the needs of all of our patients with a level of personalised service that will make the experience a welcome one for all.

Excellent oral health is very important for more than just fresh breath and a dazzling smile. Healthy teeth and gums are essential for good biting and chewing ability which, in turn, are crucial for good digestion and proper nutrition. This significantly contributes to the overall health and a sense of wellbeing. On a much broader scale, ongoing medical research seems to indicate that there are some important links between poor oral health and diabetes, heart, respiratory and other systemic diseases. In a way, your mouth is a gateway to your body, it is important to take good care of it.

So if you are looking for the best dentist in Ottawa Ontario, Nepean, Baseline and Woodroffe, we encourage you to send us an email or give us a call to see if we can make you smile! Visit us at our Ottawa, Woodroffe and Nepean Dental Clinic.

Ottawa Dental Clinic
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Dentistry Services by Ottawa Dentists

Our Dentistry Services by Ottawa Dentists

No matter what your individual dental needs are, our experienced team of Nepean Dentist at College Square Dental can help you. For more information on our services please see the list below. If you don’t see the service that you are looking for listed here, just give us a call and we will give you further information, schedule a consult, or schedule an appointment for a referral to a Ottawa dental specialists.

General Dentistry By Ottawa Dentist


At College Square Dental, our Dentists provide a full range of services for all our patients, young and old alike. We believe that, no matter what age, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile and we are here to ensure you maintain your oral health with general dentistry in Ottawa.

Cosmetic Service


Our Ottawa Dentists team offers a variety of services to correct and improve your smile. We can repair broken and slightly misaligned teeth with veneers and bonding, or simply make your smile a few shades whiter with a professional whitening treatment.
Sedation Service


The thought of visiting the dentist in ottawa makes you uncomfortable? Not a problem. If you become overly anxious by the thought of having a dental appointment, worry not. Thanks to a variety of light sedation options, “dentophobia” (fear of the dentist) can be a thing of the past.

dental implants service


Dental implants cannot replace natural teeth, but they are the next best option for you. Dental implants are basically titanium screws that are surgically implanted in your jawbone and restored with crowns or bridges ( thus replacing the missing teeth). And the best part about them; they look and perform as well as your natural teeth. 


Ottawa Invisalign Dentistry


Many people think that problems like crooked teeth, overbite, crossbite, or crowded teeth can only be fixed in childhood, and the treatment must involve braces. While it is usually better to address these issues early on, you can still resolve them as an adult. Clear aligners are a wonderful option as they are a convenient and nearly invisible alternative for orthodontic treatment that leads to a cosmetically pleasing smile. Contact our Top Dentist Ottawa today for clear aligners.


Ottawa Emergency Dentistry


Emergencies can happen at any time; from physical activity to driving a car or even in bed while you are sleeping. We are here whenever you encounter a dental emergency, like a knocked-out tooth or broken braces, to ensure that you receive the help and treatment you require as soon as possible. Contact our Ottawa Dentists today for Emergency Dentistry.



Even though our goal always is to help patients preserve their natural teeth, there are circumstances where this may not be possible. Due to age, trauma or disease, some people end up with no natural teeth left, and need total tooth replacement on one or both arches. A common and readily available treatment option is a removable prosthetic denture. Generally speaking, a customised, well fitted denture can comfortably restore the normal functionality of natural teeth. In recent years, fixed, implant-supported dentures were introduced which provide a very desirable option for many people. Contact our Baseline Dentist today for Dentures.

Root Canal


Root canal treatment is not something people look forward to having done, but it is sometimes necessary and can be done comfortably. The goal of this procedure is to save your tooth and to protect not only your dental health but your overall well-being by eliminating infections and pain. If we detect an infection in one of your teeth, it is absolutely necessary to address it as soon as possible. Our Ottawa dentists will “get to the root of the problem” and fix it without delay.

tooth extraction


While it is always our goal to save your natural teeth, there are situations where it is better or necessary to take one or more teeth out. One very common example are wisdom teeth, which can crowd their surrounding neighbours, or sometimes remain impacted in your gums and cause infections, pain, and other problems. At College Square Dental, Our Ottawa Dentists  promise to carefully evaluate your particular situation (including wisdom teeth) and see whether an extraction may be necessary.

Dental Crowns


Dental crowns represent a great, long-term solution for a variety of dental issues. They can protect damaged teeth, restore misshapen or worn down teeth, or strengthen anchor teeth of a dental bridge. Today’s crowns are made of durable enamel-colored material that can be matched to your natural teeth, making crowns almost indiscernible from your natural teeth.

Dental Bridges


A dental bridge is a fixed partial denture that can permanently replace one or more missing teeth. It essentially “bridges” the gap between two healthy teeth. College Square Dental is your Nepean dental clinic for all your tooth replacement needs with out Ottawa Dentists. 

Family Dentistry


College Square Dental is the baseline dental clinic Ottawa for the entire family. We provide a full range of services for every member of your family, from toddlers to the elderly. We are here to help, whether it is to educate the young ones on the right brushing technique and the importance of regular brushing, to the more complex restorative dental needs of the older generation. Call out Ottawa Dentists today for your family dentist.

Not Finding What You Are Looking For? No Problem!

As mentioned above: if you don’t see the service you are looking for here: give us a call! If we can’t help you, we can provide you with a referral to the specialists who can.

Your Ottawa Dentist For All Your Dental Needs: College Square Dental

Whatever your dental needs, our professional and friendly team at College Square Dental has you covered: from your regular semi-annual checkups to unexpected emergency visits. We are always open for our “regular” patients and gladly welcome any and all new patients! If you are looking for a new Ottawa dentist, give us a call today at 613-695 4877.

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