Dental Crowns Ottawa

Dental Crowns Ottawa

There are a number of restorative dental treatment options available today such as fillings, inlays and bridges, just to name a few. One of the most popular and versatile options are dental crowns. Dental crowns in Ottawa offer a relatively simple and effective way to repair structural problems of your damaged, misshapen or even missing teeth (implant-supported crowns). Their big advantage is that they save and protect teeth, they are strong and durable and, with proper care, they can last a very long time. Best of all perhaps: colour-matched and well crafted dental crowns blend very well with your surrounding natural teeth and help enhance the beauty of your smile.

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What Are Dental Crowns in Ottawa

Dental crown (a cap) is a restoration that is placed on a tooth that has been seriously damaged by injury, decay or disease. The goal is simply to protect a susceptible tooth from further deterioration and to restore its functionality.

Crowns are commonly made of durable ceramic material which makes them not only very strong, but also gives them a very natural look and feel. Few other materials are also available and can be used in certain circumstances. It is best to consult your Ottawa Crowns dentist to see what the best option for your particular case is.

By strengthening a damaged tooth and making it functional again, the dental crown can single handedly stabilise and significantly improve your overall dental health. At the same time, it can restore your smile and improve your confidence and overall well-being.

When To Consider Dental Crowns

As mentioned before, dental crowns in Ottawa are very versatile. They are used to:

  • cover damaged, misshapen or discolouredteeth
  • protect teeth that received a root canal treatment (strengthening them and preventing furtherdecay)
  • turn a removable tooth replacement (removable partial denture) into a permanentfixed replacement

At the same time, dental crowns in Ottawa enhance your beautiful smile. Thanks to modern technology, crowns can be colour-matched with their neighbouring teeth, blending them visually into their surrounding environment – making them look and feel very natural.

In the long-run, dental crowns can also be more cost-efficient and less invasive than other dental restorations. They are merely an added protection to your damaged tooth instead of a replacement. There are many very good reasons why dental crowns have been popular with both dentists and patients for a very very long time.

How Dental Crowns Are Made

Once the decision has been made to proceed with a dental crown, your dentist will anaesthetise the tooth and will begin to “prepare it” (trim down) for the crown. This is done to ensure that your new tooth, including the crown, fits into the same space as your natural tooth previously did. The procedure also removes or repairs any “problem areas.”

Next, an impression (real or digital) will be taken, which will determine the shape of the crown. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory where the new crown is crafted. Its colour will be matched with the colour of the neighbouring teeth to make the crown look and feel as natural as possible – to blend in. When your dental crown is ready, your dentist will cement it in place, over the prepared tooth.

The entire procedure is pretty routine for the dentist, and easy and comfortable for most of our patients. Should you have any concerns or suffer from anxiety, make sure to consult with your Ottawa dental crowns dentist beforehand and inquire about sedation dentistry options at College Square Dental.

Dental Crown Aftercare

Much like any other dental procedure, dental crowns require a certain follow-up care. The tooth underneath your new dental crown may be sensitive to hot and cold for a short period of time. This sensitivity should pass on its own, usually within the first 24 hours.

However, should you experience any lasting pain or discomfort, please feel free to reach out to us. We will gladly take a look and make sure that everything is as it should be.

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