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Dental Implant Dentistry Ottawa

Implant Dentistry Ottawa

Dental implants can’t replace natural teeth, but they’re the next best option. Dental implants Ottawa (basically titanium screws) are surgically implanted in your jawbone. Eventually, the implant bonds with the surrounding bone structure. It forms a sturdy base for fitting one or more artificial teeth (crowns, bridges or complete dentures). The new teeth look and perform as well as your natural teeth.

Ottawa Dental Implants

The two biggest advantages over implant-supported prosthetics are function and minimized bone resorption. In terms of function, you’ll notice that implant-supported restorations will allow you to bite and chew exactly as you did before. You will have few if any, food restrictions. Bone resorption is when the bone in an area without a root system slowly erodes and becomes more brittle. Ottawa Dental implants act as the root system and allow the bone in the area to stay strong and full. Once the dental implants are affixed, prosthetic teeth like dentures, bridges and dental crowns are simply screwed into place.

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