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College Square Dental is built to serve the Ottawa community

Ottawa Dental Practice

The Team

Core Values

We strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our community and value best practices and quality treatment. Each patient is special to us and receives the appropriate level of individual attention and care.

Our team’s goal is to promote preventive treatment, as opposed to reactive courses of treatment that may only address symptoms, not causes.

The College Square Difference

Ottawa Dentist uses modern and evidence-based solutions to address our patient’s oral health needs. Our methods are more focused on addressing the root cause of the problem so that your oral health problems don’t resurface.

What To Expect

From your first visit, you’ll feel welcomed and accepted by the College Square staff. From scheduling an appointment to seeing you out, our staff is always ready to assist you. Let’s work together for optimal oral health.

Here’s What You Can Expect From College Square Dental:

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Call or email us to book an appointment at a time that best fits your schedule. We offer evening appointments.

First Appointment

Before your first appointment, you’ll be provided with a digital medical history form to complete. The complete exam at a first appointment will evaluate your oral health holistically as a part of your overall health.

We’ll evaluate all of the information collected and present the treatment options available to you along, with the benefits and limitations of each.


We accept all major insurance policies. As a non-assignment office, we do not accept payment directly from insurance companies (due to changes in privacy legislation) and ask that you pay for services directly after your appointment. We will process your claim on your behalf and ensure that the reimbursement from your insurance provider is as prompt as possible.

Office Entertainment

We have made arrangements to take care of your entertainment needs while you’re with us. We offer tablets in the waiting area and screens above each chair with a variety of streaming services available.

New Patient Intake Form

Your digital form will be completed online through a secure portal, or on a tablet while you’re waiting for your first appointment.