Our Technologies


Our Technologies

Paperless Office

Ottawa Dentist planned to keep our office paperless from the start. It helps us streamline processes and keep information at our fingertips while contributing a little towards the wellness of the planet.

Traditional dental clinics consume an enormous amount of paper to book appointments, hand out prescriptions and keep patient medical histories. In contrast, we’ve opted for integrated software that handles administration, routine activities, and much more. Special care is taken to ensure your digital safety and privacy.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays provide less exposure and are faster than traditional X-rays. You’re exposed to 80% less radiation than you get from traditional film-based machines! Beyond that, the quality of the image and ability to enlarge and zoom-in make digital X-rays a much better diagnostic tool.

Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral oral scanners are much faster and less intrusive than traditional impression methods. Patients find the process to be significantly more palatable than the traditional impression material approach. We’ve opted for these scanners because of the ease with which they allow us to take impressions of our patients’ mouth. The impressions are virtual, do not degrade over time, and – in line with our paperless office pledge – can be stored digitally.

Intraoral Camera

We use an intraoral camera to examine and take pictures of hard-to-see areas of your mouth. This tool has a pen-like structure and a high-definition camera. It causes no discomfort and allows for a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health.
The intraoral camera captures high-quality images and videos of patients’ mouths. Instead of using a mirror, we can show you an HD recording of your mouth in realtime. This helps us show you and discuss areas of concern visible to us during our evaluation.

Streaming Services In The Chair

You’ll actually look forward to long dental procedures, thanks to our streaming services. We’ll sure you’ll be happily preoccupied throughout your appointment.

HEPA Filtration In Every Operatory

HEPA filters are equipped with a small amount of activated carbon material. This filter cleans the air effectively, so people with allergies and asthma will have no problem breathing. A sterile environment is maintained in every operatory for the safety of our staff and patients.

Floor-to-Ceiling Operatory Aerosol Containment

To maintain the highest standards of air purity, we adhere to complete aerosol containment in our facility. Aerosols are an unavoidable by-product of some procedures in dentistry. In light of the current pandemic conditions, we have implemented floor-to-ceiling operatory aerosol containment.

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